Information for Ukrainian nationals who accepted the offer for temporary humanitarian stay before 31 July 2022

Subclass 449

For individuals who have completed the form accepting the offer for temporary stay from the Australian Government, the Department of Home Affairs will complete security checks for each person.

Once completed, the subclass 449 visa will be granted. While the 449 visa will be granted for a six-month period, the Department intends to transition Ukrainian nationals to a subclass 786 visa as soon as possible, pending health checks, where required.​​

Note: You must be granted a Humanitarian Stay (Temporary) (subclass 449) visa before you can be granted a Temporary (Humanitarian Concern) (subclass 786).

We will notify you of the visa grant via email. Check your email account regularly.

Ukrainian nationals on subclass 449 visas:

As a subclass 449 holder you are not eligible to access Medicare.​

Subclass 786

The subclass 449 notification letter will also outline any further information required from you in order to process the subclass 786 visa. This may include:

  • completing health and character checks (some costs may be associated with these checks)
    • Note: any health issues identified as part of your health check will not result in a visa refusal.
  • completing a character declaration if the Government cannot rely on checks completed as part of another visa application.

Once you have completed the health checks (if asked) and the character declaration (if asked), the Government will process and grant the subclass 786 visa.

​The Department will ensure that individuals progress to a subclass 786 visa as quickly as possible.​​​

You will be notified of the grant of a subclass 786 visa via email.

The subclass 786 visa will be granted for a three year period. During this time, you can work, study and access Medicare, Special Benefits and you will have full work rights. You may also be eligible for free English language tuition under the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). For program or eligibility information see About the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).

You will need to enrol in Medicare to receive access. We will provide details about enrolment in the 786 visa grant notification letter.

Ukrainian school students on the subclass 786 visa may be enrolled in their local school. They will attract Commonwealth school funding on the same basis as other Australian students.

Ukrainian nationals on subclass 786 visas may be eligible to receive a subsidy towards childcare expenses. The percentage of subsidy a family is entitled to is based on combined annual family income and their activity levels. For more information, visit Services Australia.​

Additionally, you will be eligible to access settlement support under the Government funded Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP). This is delivered through contracted service providers in each State/Territory​.

Ukrainian nationals holding a subclass 600, 449 or 786 visa who request settlement assistance should contact the HSP service provider in their State/Territory in the first instance. Please be assured that if you access HSP services, this will not have any impact on your current visa status or future visa applications.​​

Follow the link below to find your nearest HSP service:

Global Service Centre (In Australia)
Phone: 131 881
Enquiry form for Ukraine conflict visa arrangement ​​

​​AUS VISA SOLUTIONS has been assisting Ukrainian citizens who have relatives in
Australia to obtain visas to Australia. We will continue our services for those affected at a
reduced cost.

If you need help, please contact our office +61 2 9025 3513, Mobile: +61 404 608 559