Since the Australian Government introduced SkillSelect in 2012, GSM and business visa (subclasses 188, 189, 190, 491 and 858) applications can be validly made only after receiving an invitation from the Minister to apply for those visas.

In practice, the intending applicant needs to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) via SkillSelect. While the current pass mark (qualifying score) for GSM visas is 65 points, it is important to understand how the system actually works. The EOI applicants with higher scores will be invited first in each round, which means that even if an applicant has achieved 65 points, there is no guarantee that the invitation will be issued. 

When submitting an EOI the applicant needs to keep in mind that the score they have claimed in the EOI will be required to be justified when making an application for the corresponding visa. If the applicant is unable to prove that they achieved the claimed score, the visa will most likely be refused. Usually the applicant has 60 days to make an application for a visa after receiving an invitation letter.

If you are considering lodging an EOI, consulting a specialist is highly recommended. The inadvertent mistakes when submitting an EOI may lead to the inability to satisfy the visa requirements and subsequent visa refusal.