Australia is calling for Global Talent, inviting exceptionally talented individuals and entrepreneurs to make contributions to Australian economy.

As opposed to Distinguished Talent Stream (cup of 200 places per year) there are significant advantages when applying for the new Global Talent Stream with significantly higher number of places to be allocated (15 000 per/a) and streamlined processing.

Exceptional talent

Professionals with the drive to succeed and make a difference.

Are you making waves as a leader in your field?

You’ll tick the boxes if you’ve demonstrated your ability to:

  • generate multiple jobs particularly in areas that fill critical supply chain and talent gaps
  • commercialise your ideas at scale 
  • make your mark as an innovator or serial entrepreneur
  • have been recognised with international distinction as a leader in culture, science, the arts, or commercial enterprise
  • have the potential to make a significant economic impact 
  • act as a connector between industries
  • bring exceptional new skills and knowledge to Australia.

So, how does it work?

First of all, an individual who is intending to make an application will need to be endorsed by a nominator. A Nominator must be an Australian organisation, a business or an individual who is prominent in the industry and who can endorse the applicant’s exceptional skills. An international recognition is one of the key criteria. 

Once a nominator endorsed your skills, you will need to lodge an Expression of Interest via Skill Select (EOI):

If your EOI is successful, you will receive an invitation to apply for a Visa:

An application must be made within 60 days of the invitation received.

More information about global talent pilot can be found here:

AUS VISA SOLUTIONS provides services to ensure that your EOI has all information required and all points are covered. It has been proven that an EOI application has more chances to have a successful outcome when you attach elaborated submissions with your application.